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Help bring connectivity to communities impacted by COVID-19, including schools, hospitals, and other service and care providers.

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Bidding in the CBRS Priority Access License Auction, designated as Auction 105, is scheduled to begin on July 23, 2020. The auction will offer up to seven PALs in each county-based license area, for a total of 22,631 PALs nationwide – the largest number of spectrum licenses ever made available for bidding in a single auction.

As the PAL auction is an important milestone towards reaching the full potential of CBRS spectrum sharing, we created this easy fact sheet and reference guide, laying out the key facts about the auction.

OnGo is connectivity, coverage & capacity, without compromise.

OnGo is the technology that’s reshaping the future of wireless connectivity.

OnGo improves wireless coverage and capacity on a massive scale, making it ideal for in-building, public space and Industrial IoT wireless needs in a world where spectrum is limited, but data demand is not.

Why OnGo?


“OnGo will pave the way for innovative solutions that will shape the future of wireless. This is a chance to join industry leaders in making this a reality.”

Dave WrightPresident, CBRS Alliance


OnGo provides secure, cost-effective LTE coverage indoors, where it’s needed most, supporting new Private LTE and IoT applications.
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Public Spaces

OnGo is an ideal solution for public spaces where economics are changing with unprecedented increase in data demand, IoT applications, new digital experiences and expanding coverage area.
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Industrial IoT

OnGo enables easy deployment of private LTE networks to provide Industrial IoT connectivity that is optimized, secure, dedicated, and on-premise.
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