With support from CBRS Alliance member companies, the CTIA, and global test labs, the CBRS Alliance has developed the OnGo Certification Program to ensure seamless integration and deployment of OnGo wireless solutions, and to support widespread market adoption of OnGo technologies.

By establishing a set of a standards for performance and interoperability, we’re defining the level of quality we expect from those who plan to sell and deploy OnGo equipment.



Why Get Certified?

OnGo Certified is a recognized seal of approval for OnGo products, indicating that they have met a high set of industry standards for interoperability and security.

Equipment manufacturers should pursue certification to ensure interoperability in OnGo wireless networks, and to foster a sense of trust with prospective end users and IT decision makers.

Benefits of Certification

OnGo Certified products have undergone rigorous testing by one of our independent Authorized Test Laboratories. When a product successfully passes testing, the manufacturer or vendor is granted the right to use the OnGo Certified logo. Certification means that a product has been tested in numerous configurations with a diverse sampling of products to validate interoperability with other OnGo Certified equipment operating in the 3.5 GHz frequency band.

OnGo Certification opens a new ecosystem in support of the emerging wireless market made possible by sharing spectrum in the 3.5 GHz band. When a product passes OnGo Certification, it also receives FCC Certification, providing an FCC ID that will allow it to operate across the US.

Certification helps ensure interoperability among equipment vendors, and allows manufacturers to test for quality before introducing new products into the market, reducing overall support costs. For operators, certification brings interoperability to large-scale deployments, even in multi-vendor deployments, helping to contain costs. For Enterprises deploying Private LTE or Industrial IoT, the OnGo Certified brand indicates they are purchasing a product that will work as advertised when installed.


OnGo Certified Devices

Vendor name Device Name Device Type Certification Date
BLinQ Networks FW300i CBSD+DP January 15, 2019
Ericsson Radio 2208 B48 / KRC 161 711/1 CBSD+DP October 12, 2018
Ericsson RD 4442 B48 / KRY 901 385/1 CBSD+DP October 12, 2018
Nokia Nokia Flexi Zone Multiboard Outdoor CBRS Small Cell Small Cells September 7, 2018
Ruckus Networks, an ARRIS Company Ruckus Q710 (Indoor) LTE Access Point September 5, 2018
Ruckus Networks, an ARRIS Company Ruckus Q910 (Outdoor) LTE Access Point September 5, 2018
Sercomm Corporation P208 Pole Mount CAT-A and CAT-B Small Cell September 19, 2018
Sercomm Corporation P208 Strand Mounted CAT-A and CAT-B Small Cell September 19, 2018
Telrad Networks BreezeCOMPACT1000 CBSD+DP December 19, 2018


How Do I Certify My Product(s)?

The OnGo Certification process is quite simple. In most cases you’ll be working with a trusted test lab that you already use for other products in your portfolio.

A company must be a member of the CBRS Alliance to have its products tested for certification and use the OnGo Certified logo and associated trademarks.


Get Certified   -or-   Become a Member

Step 1

Check the CBRS Alliance Certification Database for a list of OnGo Certification Authorized Test Labs

Step 2

Contact the Authorized Test Lab to arrange test schedule and shipping instructions and submit a Certification Request via the CBRS Alliance Certification Database

Step 3

Authorized Test Lab performs the necessary testing and uploads results to the database*

Step 4

The CRBS Certification Board will review the testing results. When your product passes OnGo Certification:

  • You will be notified
  • The CBRS Alliance will add your product to our public list of OnGo Certified products.
  • The Authorized Test Lab will return your equipment (ensures successful certification prior to returning)

If your product does not pass OnGo Certification:

  • You will be notified of the reason for not passing
  • You may resubmit your produce for retesting

*The CBRS Alliance has licensed the Wireless Innovation Forum’s Test Specification and Test Code to enable Authorized Test Labs to perform testing to obtain CBSD Authorization from the FCC. Click here for more information.

Authorized Test Labs for OnGo Certification

The CBRS Alliance has seen significant interest from reputable test labs around the world in becoming Authorized Test Labs for OnGo Certification, and the organization looks forward to continuing to expand the program to bring hundreds of OnGo-certified devices to market. This expansion will expedite commercialization of the technology while providing equipment vendors, chipset manufacturers and others with several lab options when submitting an OnGo device for testing and certification.

The test labs that are currently approved to act as independent Authorized Test Laboratories as part of the OnGo Certification Program include:

Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services

Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services (Taoyuan Branch, Mobile Communications) is a world leader in conformity assessment and certification services. Founded in 1828, the group has 74,000 employees in more than 1,400 offices and laboratories located in 140 countries.


No. 19 Hwa Ya 2nd Road, Kwei Shan District, TaoYuanCity (333), Taiwan
Elvis Chen 


DEKRA has been ensuring safety since it was founded in 1925. This basic need is met by DEKRA’s workforce of more than 39,000 people in over 50 countries on all continent with extensive expertise, wide-ranging servies and passionate commitment.


405 Glenn Drive Suite 12, Sterling, Virginia 20164
Vinayak K. Thotton

Nemko Montreal, Nemko Ottawa and Nemko San Deigo

Nemko Montreal, Nemko Ottawa and Nemko San Diego have been trusted by companies around the world since 1933 for asses their products, systems, installations and personnel for conformity and relevant standards and regulation.


Nemko San Diego
2210 Faraday Ave. Suite 150 Carlsbad, CA 92008
Juan Manuel Gonzalez

Nemko Ottawa
303 River Rd., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1V 1H2
Charles Neal

Nemko Montreal
292 Labrosse Ave., Pointe-Claire (Montreal), Quebec, Canada K1V 1H2
Charles Neal

Nokia Global Product Compliance Laboratory


600-700 Mountain Ave., Murray Hill, New Jersey 07974
Ray Johnson

PCTEST Engineering Laboratory, Inc.

PCTEST is a premier 3rd party laboratory authorized by major US and international operators in LTE Lab Conformance testing, including MIMO, OTA, Carrier Aggregation, and VoLTE as well as certification testing for CTIA (OTA, Battery, HAC, OnGo/CBRS Alliance, WinnForum), PTCRB, and GCF. PCTEST is also a leading FCC and ISED compliance facility specializing in comprehensive EMC, RF, SAR, HAC – testing and certifying the first 5G mmW device in the United States. PCTEST is an ISO-17025 accredited lab with test facilities strategically located in Columbia MD, San Jose CA, Korea, and Japan.


6660-B Dobbin Road, Columbia, MD 21045

Sporton International Inc.

Sporton International Inc. (Tao Yuan Hsien) is a provider of testing and certification services. Sporton has become a designated testing lab for regulatory bodies such as BSMI, NCC, and TAF and acquired professional certifications including PTCRB, GCF, and CTIA.


No. 52, Hwa Ya 1st Rd., Hwa Ya Technology Park, Kwei-Shan Distrctic, TaoYan City, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Jones Tsai


TÜV SÜD is one of the world’s leading technical services organizations represented by about 24,000 employees across more than 1,000 locations.


2972 Joseph-A-Bombardier, Laval, QC, Canada H7P 6E3
Scott Drysdale

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