One of Nation’s Largest Transit Systems is On-Board with OnGo

The need for fast and secure data transfer within public facilities to effectively run daily operations and deliver excellent customer experiences, is critically important for organizations who operate transportation hubs, airports, and commuter transit systems. These organizations often turn to Wi-Fi solutions since they are easy to install and inexpensive to deploy. However, Wi-Fi connections are prone to interference and lack the dependability for mission-critical use cases, such as real-time travel updates and visitor security.

OnGo™ provides a reliable and secure network infrastructure within the 3.5 GHz CBRS band for a wide variety of public spaces and transportation use cases to help improve business operations and render secure and seamless experiences for customers. For example, the public transit system in the Dallas metro area depends on the high-performance mobility advantages of OnGo to deliver travel information to over 200,000 daily commuters via digital signage. Landmark Dividend, a noted expert in deploying digital infrastructure, uses OnGo to enable the transit system in Dallas to provide a seamless experience for its travelers. OnGo supports 300 kiosks that enhance commuting experiences across the operator’s system and also maintains reliable connections to support security and holistic system integrations.

Dan Parsons, Chief Operating Officer at Landmark Dividend, explains how OnGo improves customer experiences using reliable connectivity for public transit ticketing systems, security, wayfinding, and community information, here:

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